Plum trees

So there’s a place with plumes in the air

stoned fruit in the garden

tadpoles swimming in the ponds in the grounds

there are apples and pears

this could be a place your never leave

the leaves surround those wishing trees

im praying but I ain’t climbing that stairway

for a while but that’s to do with you and me

This holiday which should of been short lived

has become the longest game of hands

but remember your not aloud a deal

unless you take this man’s problems

what to do with fifty jilted lovers

tea and ginger cake whilst I think

now that answer from the island man

doesnt seem so absurd and I’m not the man

visting Rome I don’t wear that ring

and I won’t be wearing your clothes

I’m now visiting other gardens

and they are far far from me

those stepping stones

far from those plum trees









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