The Pisces of moonfruit puzzle and a eight times table

A Pisces of moon fruit

the puzzle with a eight times table

fractional relationships

of bonded tape recordings

they are throwing voices around

their empty rooms

pool balls and dressing downs

from the grottos made of shells

the corded slippers

a shuffle dance workout day

mush mush goes the sledge rider

a three letter score a maze

raise you three beans jack

the apple cores

root the clock turn it to home time

no one will notice that I’m not

here this child they can be the stand in

with a torch in its hand on

the ward watch special hat.

he’s off clubbing seals

wheres mr Woking

in the Antarctic rollover

its on the menu

with custard let’s see if the mustards

more to his liking

he hits his head and rolls about

three in a bed and granny’s

still checking her racing card

the wig comes off the ice looks thin

safari hats and life’s a game

you win and lose whether you play

the doombar that sinking feeling

a candy cable thirst Which it treats

Like a sweetie shop personal shopping

its empty this place just uncontrollable

unrecognisable fears the shelfs are now

empty so the child’s toy register

The pits the duldrums the Swiss roll

anger anteaters playing the game

what what they have taken his trumpet

away let’s send morse code kid and

get outta of here bon voyage

the ships sinking fast the old fashion

telephones still ringing they are all tied

to his mast the commander has left his station

to play bumper cards with the  local landed lady’s

pump action girls the phrase the phrase

they just couldn’t fold







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