Television towns salted popcorn

Popcorn alley mop up the floor

the split drinks your ideas

like a cutting room floor

those bad dreams you grew

like dead house plants

the rope you wish to climb like

sweet peas on the vine

for the  fence your sat on late at night

lying like the story teller

you used to have a talking dog

your the star of your own film now

in a late night showing

another anchor movie

for your pogo  stick ego

your self styled mute mannequin

that your with in a basement

across the road

the fortune cookie break in

the rack the ruin is the rat hiding

somewhere nearby

down the alley riding

by the seat of it’s pants

this is not a new town

unless your name changed

is that a mouse

in that oh dears house ?

the headless horseman

the towns treated like a film set







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