A golden solitaire spinning elks a weight for the fishing boat

A golden solitaire spinning

talking elks and a sets of weights

for the fishing mans boat

that’s outs on a ocean

my watch always seems wrong

so I’m never there at the right time of day or night

the telescope is always inked and ready

and set to shoot the stars overhead

playing dot to dot with lines of telegraphs

a game of communication

the 18th hole the flags the signs

the circuit boards look like towns

the boards the cricket ball I’m almost late

for coffee and cake  I don’t think I even got there

the confectionary laid out in boxes

its the sort of place where few people stop here

the views are stunning and I take a picture

i shall write home tonight here’s my ticket

hope you have a good night

the books from a shop I purchased second hand

the gifts are recycled around here not people

think of the tree we just saved reams of paper

shame about the postage stamp

the matches that strike the exploding

cream pie faces the clocks chime one

the mouses run for new places

that stuffed old lion with a trumpet of his own

pulling the strangest of faces





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