The wind up super size city’s mismatched keys to the wrong toys

You say I can’t go up because I’ve never been down

that I can’t be a samurai in my own song

I can’t have the everything unless I fly to Denver

And dance in the snow whilst I’m actually by the Great Barrier Reef

apparently the apparatus is faulty for this little dream

but I’m easy it’s A don’t give a f*ck kind of day

the kind where children’s story’s are all the rage

there’s a crocodile climbing trees and laying towels down in the clouds

theres ups and downs that I roll along with

the train I have a ticket for I can now ride

and a free upgrade too , oh it’s just a dream

theres a queue jumper but let him jump ahead

he won’t get to the destination that he planned out

on his maps at the start any quicker than you or I

the distraction of its mr Kipling jam tarts

will scupper his deals on his flights over

to secure this throne that was never there

in a different country a throne is a toilet

imaginary conundrums illusions and anagrams

these words the ability to predict and project

The  bottom line on charts in newspapers

I stood at that pier in that photo

wheres mr ruby seagull gone

probably talking to mr chips

so what’s your deepest fear ?

If you have one you failed the minute you

took that deep breathe and said

“sod that that’s a climb to the top of that there hill”

do you frame yourselfs by trying to frame me ?

Thats my pet rabbit it’s called roger

he dissappeared went to the Roman baths

and now he never writes

that was my fear that I’d forget how to write

i got over it by writing more and more

however strange the subject was







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