Zeitgeist pliers.

How to decorate a flapper girl 

you choose to hatstand With 

aerial pierced ears literally 

pricking up 

Others desires Stretching 

Back to the first hat swapping  


Blow your nose of pheromones.

with the zeitgeist pliers 

Looming large 

drinking games of tattoo ink feed 

On hands of curling straws 

Undercoating your roll boiled 

tongue and count your self out 

at canine times one lucky 

and why would i want to diode 

with a crime scene to disguise 

As I dance with my double figure 

Into hiding negativity in  

centipede feet shuffling 

from ultra violet strikes 

lighting the dusk horse Hiding 

around the backlight timepiece 

Of towering affection in pursuit 

of pumpkin links and flagship 

leaps of shadowing moon 

limbo’s justice of the cloudy 

haven of a hashtag cat 

That may bend lingo 

In its burnished spoons 

filled with burning black 

Acorn keys often scorned 

but not forgotten 

Televisual triva.