Aria and the humidor.

When you hum aria brings your slippers

Passing the self combusted on the 

Way to a now smoking unplugged phone

Blinking set stuck replaying those

the golden green days of a standing Wide receiver.

Sneaking in and out of undelivered cars

Ghosting in and out of dualing lanes

a decade Spent Unsighted.

And told to forget as it begets 

searching lights strobe the fire coats 

The green beginnings now freshly braised

And no need to run to break a sweat 

when standing by the Crystal fire.
Exotic Humidor news days mechanised canaries 

And steam ships moving across woven looms.

As we stand in a demolished pubs searching for 

Stories it looks like the steam train people 

have moved on.
Sneaking in out of undelivered cars 

Ghosting in and out of dualing lanes

A decade spent unsighted.