Candelabra trees.

I don’t remember inviting you back to this table

Hide your tears and scars under old stories

Relentless searching through other people’s 

candelabra trees.

All I know is your the cover image 

on photographic Return slip without a name

if I trace your story back I found nothing 

but negatives of people with burst balloons 

There’s no real story here.
of which I can write even if I read your hand

I might as well try reading rings on palm trees 

as there’s nothing apart from clouded stars.
Can you read my shorten hand that started 

before a ride around a wall to cheat life and death 

searching in the wrong town if you want the Albert hall.
A coin for the fastest train to a clock 

mentioned on a gramophone 

And follow rainbow lines crossed.
Just don’t spend it on sugared laces 

or fall asleep whilst reading about 

Nebula  or you’ll miss the chance.