Hour glass.

They made you wait by a unlocked cages

Counting For one hundred days and nights

only to find you were a make weight 

short Of being a paper weight by the lake

in this abbacus imagination game

Of a moonlight night.

Eight Wavelength movements 

the obstacles of protracted cerebrums 

progressions of a unsighted curve 

hillside of varying degrees island separation dreams 

dialling in eight degrees preparing line of sight

As grass flys from finger to breeze.

along hour glass shore

Doesn’t ohm well for a time traveller

In a future you cannot choose or see 

When you carved your initials on a tree

A scar too a valley girl you used to meet 

by the trampled clarinet reeds.

to whom you raise a Drink the bark now removed

And sown amongst Sunflowers in silverfish fields.