Three French toast sushi.

Lost a on lonely beach Nothing like a California sun 

Confusion over lovers lanes and Being weighed 

raising a toast to east coast blues 

before the CDs of karaoke skips in on the triplet rope 

Helix cubed of gluttony filmed overhead 

You can blame me as you can blame your Childhood 

bequeathed a boom box and drive 

To a windswept facial riffing cliff

colloquial Botox names of private halls.
hand balls and forgotten sleeping through 

Ping pong that must have new hidden meanings 

that some lean to more each day 

teachers turn to Tequila drinking.
like a greeting card has hidden meanings 

if its sold by a fish without a swim bladder

And a valley girl with tattoo hearts 

offering you her groupier hands for double odds 

Honey meanings.
Scars that can be covered up like key cuttings

flying fox likes chemist pills and hair dye

But not the Moses basket recreation 

little fringe sheared of the traditional comedy

Of feeling shunned by a country side act.
Dantes macabre sets fire to city’s

Let’s finger slide the orchestrators flea pit

Self entitle magicians magnetic pole to Houdini 

can be found hanging around down trodden 

Boards outside the emptying neon theatre 

Of autographic red light stalker.
Go hand tie in hands too lampposts 

may love day self loathing of the camera night

And all those Jekel and Hyde cinema fears 

that left you feeling hollow 

That follow you alone into the piloted eclipse

as a light casts back to a silver tipped piano.