Messenger of muesem dice.

city plans won’t reveal the concealment 

Or the extent of a moth eaten story 

Blanketed with background audio of a cheap flight

As the dreamers call for their aspiration.

And a belted bye too the next round.
Roaring in Overhead on a sounded scandal 

progression desk of chromed forks of the spun

figures of eights stretch across those Polished floors 

of sweet dished eyeliners gaze of escapism.
Deception set to a fir tree context of figure four 

previous moves Of a square down 

temperance and how it’s carriaged

Dual with ego of recognition.
lead it to its own cage as it plumb lines depths 

Like ageing autos piled up higher 

For quickened digital simians in

remorseful Service with a smiling darkness 

We’re mindful of a red registration byline.
One day a dome that fell at a fence

the sky now lifts above abodes

to show a Compact earth containing 

A elevator to a glass chamber of light

Artisans aware Of a Sleep walking extinction.
Darken eyes and rides past her bodices plane 

In sight that’s chocked and chained at the door

And rocked to a chorus of radio dial 

Listing Of a house chalk stained

By a television installation.
Approval Suisse rating that cambered and climbed

The camered that are cornered often pixelating 

their weave amongst The exhausts of threading streets 

and what is the black light hour now.
Why would I waste the time reading a mind 

The Forté of foes you made of me

when I have my own split and stitched 

As a reminder of the fused night.