Demobilised ostracism.(past tense)

The Oyster beds of western rites Of learning

passages that fall from pages of grace 

Into the hands of short handed alphabet dictators.
what was consider for one as the wagons rolls

Over us all as it circumnavigates around the hill 

to find the bind with ropes to make steps

Begin a climb to see a view which move.
The concepts of ordinances stitched on red sails

words and rewards for learning to vocalise

when stuck in the psyche of prewired Voltaire cage.
As you lie below the marble of Acropolis 

staring at the moments that past 

discharging captured eighths of sarcophagus 

Now Found as a magnetic museum.
closing air tubes as a cerebrum a floods 

As a cardiac response kicks in prompting 

the machine To Switch and breath 

Created by a rubber stamped Committee 

the shipping fees Paid with felled and rafted trees.
rebuilt within a ice house Behind a Soviet wall 

As the barre coda float and fill the Bygone roads

The drama found within a age of theatrical crisis 

Of hypothesis on language.
Thumbs ups and down the End of divide and rule 

lines as they demobilise along A wall

As private lifes are confused with deference 

Eyes of the rights Look to the left.