Appendix poet geometry of oranges.(past tense)

To take leave of all your citation senses 

in all but a name establishes as swifts 

with no hope of ever rail running 

rust away 

wingless heals tears for the window ledges 

Pulled apart with a Greek referenced scene.
With a forge and olive field of ink

the countenance found in a older versions 

By the same name If you want to read 

About antiques And Frankish water marks

there’s the atlas room with appendix and swing

Book marked music the Arizona kirsch tree growers guide

To building a helix slide.
The countenances of a caps lock drafts and exclusions

interesting venting raise a glass to forgers assay marks

peaks and Memorandums to Ground dust and bone 

To feed flying ducks of a now blue cross cranial bellow.
As a sailing Child I remember drawing life experience 

From the Templars extinction that was brought to you by

a silica pillar a black widow of the red squirrels saviour

And Who knew their wish was they’d learnt how to 

Blow stained glass to net a fisherman’s ball.