Preying mantis. (Insect) 

They have been watering down names 

Since those mindfully retro spectacles 

I see you Climbing forts around the yew laden hill

Since the first lines and opening of eyes 

as I came Into pharmaceutical being.
the pamphleted statistics of a failed birth control 

As populous explodes with a Valentine’s spent 

with the fastest nights ride 

Made in low rise jeans those three hips rose.
Cut paste and can’t undo that pumped itch

and lovers move there chequered history 

As I fall back to my feathered fathers arms 

Expression free and cast amongst rock pools.
To designated drivers that alter all function

On the Keys Of a computer designed 

to live Amongst us in the Sorting room 

filled With the needy and thread less.
A seaweed tangled life of what is a land locked Ocean 

But a mantis with its prey and wants left unchecked.

For needs.