Cineverse 2.8.

A Cinematic lapse in language modelling 

often found vying on the Lost Regressions 

observed as much as the mule that ran dry

Dipping into chlorophyll expressions.
Preserving its right to remain silent 

whilst Missing the point of an airlock

As we cross Mindful over the dry seabed.
terrestrial optics unfold and close down

Pictures of the hand drawn plagé and a

address book of the French Rivera ghosts 

Who might be at helm of the séance.
the Introverted bee stung finger silica slides 

through the weighted illicit parchments

of torchlight names that We’re internships 

in the salted season of a two point eight.
Pavlov dogs that walked away all day for the ocean 

as it heard a meringue somewhere along a mountain wall.