Watching its Glazed Raven eye.

This is a question you post to the past 

late at night when recollections of hatching

dating letters and trying to explain the future to yourself

when you were that uncouped chicken and 

Forgot Friday’s grace whilst pew gurning

After half life drinking with the green.

The cross dressing when left alone for a week

With a director of the darkest throne

And you found a switch too the Trumbone.

on the floodlight blood course late at night 

Playing out Music magazines found 

Whilst Hungover with the daytime baird.

Muted fantasys Struck in a limbo of the angora queue

And the Sixties fleshed out movie scene

talking online as wiser men try make you see

Time caught you out with that fifty pound rye.

As the convicted convincer finds you a way 

there’s alway a crutchless throng 

For you to Work your way out of the crypt to the light

Of the line dance with multiple lovers 

Obsession  with the childhood lost to lust

During radio plays of the joys of decanting sextant

as you count the cost In fifths and Broken Spartan rubbers

with a coffee waitress Now Bunkering down

in your regressional psyche.

Beautiful illuminated technicians chorale hounds eat sugar 

reciting the tempest In German with accompanist 

as you remember berets and bowing 

the passing out On phone books by the winners post 

With A redial tone as a taxi arrives to shuttle you 

to silver wings of in’s and out.