Where to go when found indecent 

Searching for aperitifs 

to wash that taste out of the last house

at the end of the bleakest street.

When ever apparition that you find 

Just reminds you of someone you lost 

Or left behind from collage houses

to Nights you derailed yourself 

As you now stretch parchment back over leaf.

And the last omnibus home is now a 

Long Walk to a museum peice of 

lasting distraction.

And the wisdom you had was extracted 

Now And equals a four minute waltz 

Minus one.

as you now punch holes In belts

and try not to buckle raising your game

As you stand back and watch those

Strangers burn television dreams.

prompting sighs that stretch from the sixties 

As pens are passed amongst Electric Armchair

electorate the opinion polls 

optimise that they can still read.