could it be the year the latest in a series

So borrow the quill and sign yourself in here 

to become an apparition sitting with

the big egos that Have become accustomed

with learning to forget to enjoy the ghoulish nature

Found in the Pleasure and the charm 

of Synthetic honey.
As dogs dance around in eastern snow 

Underneath caplock trees and lick their filthy 

Printed and primed paws chewing on the core.
Hectic life as a hat maker now 

As it sits itself down to a dual in spirit filled hall

Waiting To be seated for breakfast tea

and I can’t get to the unplugged phone 

Right now so a posted card will have do 

as they Postal stamp it for you.
as you awake in the vice fuelled room

As I watch the once level headed playing field 

I feign like the wisest false idols

Celluloid body’s laying across trunk highway

a smell of Revolution in the air.
As it sits atop the mountain  

smoking slims and sipping peace

To Memory’s of the riders on the square

Whilst cohorts try to computerise 

Horses that skyride.
There’s a pawn shop down the strip 

Spelling Mothering Sunday pearls

And selection of jinxed magicians rings.
As the dogs dance around in eastern snow

Beneath caplocked trees licking their filthy  

Printed and primed paws chewing on the core.