Airport fondue.

to scribe your own emotions 

without using prototype Scripts

From wired planets as they cut signals

to the computerised periodic feed.

Is it the custom to find and call 

the national power grid for writing tips 

to fill your latest broadsheet.

To dress down for death at curly cable end

As the scattered seagauged join a diving school 

Of alcohol enlightened elephant stack 

of sell it high and cheapen flights to hell.

To watch a refuelled trail disembark

With Aqua cigarillo On runaway of misshaped love

Go fish in guessing games as the hand looks light 

Having drawn two faces out of the deck

of this adult only game for after dinner.

As we watch eggs that cracked 

On contorted spoons the seventies 

recreated as the alpha beta original 

was magnetically Deleted.

During the great  debate on weather too

end tea and fax idenkit.