Amber dexterous.

Honey you were so short of a weight 

At the start we jumped started without you 

so I give you time and the rope 

To loop laces the handle and raise 

The coins you once wasted in games 

Of throw And tell.
And if I return that first coin 

Would you wish Your life away.

On candid apples.
Sitting hearing others ideas of heaven 

As My eyes are four types of comedy 

As I omit to seeing you gallery 

your self portrait of hellios

Cast on vinyl of a now retrospectively selective world

As others come and go counting the cost of 

Visualising the coast differently 

As another copy of a amber dexterous mind

Lost on motorised Interchange arrives.
those careful worded cockerel odes 

A Western Bourne noise gate 

Reborn Upon a dual sided A1.