Rusting exposures.

Alas the signals are crossed 

Even when leaving terminology out

The pull of new languages and gurus for seconding

the insurance that I do not have on my Life.

As I Boardwalk on level plane over the opinion fiedelty

burnt out underneath exposing rusting poppy seed.


What I left behind I couldn’t of Carried On

As it plans for me to be dine upon 

so overripe and jettisoned 

pass along the car wash keys.


Even with a keyholed head I couldn’t of seen

What tea hills held in older towns than I will

Ever be.

Bags always packed and mindful of the strangers 

Arriving and that leave of a steerage in review

A mirror of the past parcelled slain 

still ringing from the Stone circle of first time.


The Decantered feathered polystyrerex throttles back.

As strafes undercarriage and the door is dead bolted 

On periodic wings and death masks are placed away.