Pisa is still leaning to.

You could Half the time it takes 

to educate halfing the passing percentile 

As Pisa still Looks as if it’s leaning on 

The three R’s.

As it turns on heals of rediscovery a 

t bone system they feed you on from the start.

Resisting arrest a heart felt knee 

Retesting protesters of the rights to wear tights 

Rotating the field of play the downside of 


From a shrug to beach rug i used wear 

That never really suited me 

Formaldehyde jackets the Jekel and cards counted in 

Watching the dragging feet and bloodshot eyes.

A bear hug for the inner child who melted ice glass 

Only to find its Still half full and a missing moon 

And just whistle if you want to raise the curving grade.