Dulcet puberty.

Flick through well ridden records

playback on its order of the nights 

under pharmacy mortars 

that were not spent in perestroika cell

Misplacing rings of clover hands 

And It still can’t regrow the cult 

still pickling in its jar.

that talk of miss Gretals welcoming lights

Dulcet tones of speed dial 

flyers that could be the most Frequent caller.

Shall we escape the pillow fashionista 

with eyes on stalks the outside line callers 

We thought Puberty stalled and saled 

on a cold shaved War.

drinking away its school day games 

until the connective tissue number four

Films of a fall out from playing the two 

b sides Now behind you.

Perish edwarian thoughts asylum

Regrow new shoots for the wall

Climbing creepers.

As we see the wide arches of presence free Parks 

they graced us with the headphoned fawns 

Relocated as cardboard cut outs weep for

The money lauded and kiss the dirty haiku.