Second glacier jellys.

They may have changed the place 

play on those strings to stop and watch 

stationary traffic as another 

stiring story of glacé winged.

Have you only heard from one side  

Of that coin that lead you to wade 

through to lay waste to the points.

From the last bell Of orders found on thirteenth

To the siding you can point at but cannot Change

As you board trains with a bean that’s as half boiled

As rind last seen from the other platform.

And as fingers are flicked in faces

Too see if you can count and tap 

the conductors Score 

the composition remains well and truly rifled

And the mess you left is in haunt bunker.

As they read the list that you know 

You were never on as you throw four 

to the empty can Of annotations jellys 

for a second proof read.

Only to find that the world hinges upon pens 

That had been invented by a bumble bee 

with a back handed sting.