A coup of broken tile.

When the televised coup Happened

You were too busy to notice the desk lamps

Shining on tiled patio lifting fruit graded roots

The cuckoo heard but had not seen or found 

They had already tried enlisting.
whilst you move in flats and pack a rest for your head

those line breaks in seas of slavation sweats

The seed sown from hand me down cups.
As salesmen pass out on polished floors 

To see artistic views of air blocks and dead 

wasps wrapped in silk and see the cut of the thread.
Finding the helix trees Patented missing shoes 

as Elle’s cats use laces for recreating steeple chasing

stare outs along the downs of patterning behaviour 

short changers that paper over cracks.
as the Dictionary is stapled to a ceiling of broken ode

Don’t forgot to load tiles on the green 

trialing rhymes dedicated to ceramics.
The words that are on my lips seem as over duabbed as ever

As opaque Dementia settles in for long stay expression

And the planet that some solved by the stream.