Sand fly hatchery.

To find its cure within the subtext of 

a measured triple second of the column 

That wasn’t destroyed for the 

silver plate during the fall 

Book a ending of a honey combed extraction 

From within the sand Flys hatchery.
as a twenty one month old plus nine 

i watched the silence silo tape of the minutes

that gave escaping the grave meaning

To a fortoutious meeting within a house

not miles away from a locked door under the stairs.
Missing the map to unlatch a welders cage 

whilst the conductors of seances 

Operates on a high wired ridge

asphalt brawlers on the remains 

of a archaic medieval cloister.
circumnavigate a strawberry dot repressionist

The dynastic poster of a shared love 

Found drawn above four walls

and Leaning bulbs that light and explode.
Onwards the political stranglehold of the bound

Feet of one plus one buckled blue shoes

Same stories fresh pairs of rerolled brass

And printed eyes.
as the last flapper girl mapped out its journey 

to the Sect of trance recordings found 

repenting with beads before their suburban implosion  

On the run Amongst wordless regrets of ivy climbers 

Engaging mirrors and saying grace to the blue tartan.
As children stargaze at citadels of transplanted czars 

Delayed by the red gates of a warm silken flesh  

And a war that over ran the deadline end.
A recitial of numbers of paged recollections 

of a river perfumed by self made entitlement 

Bound by it concreted ego is restarted

of long lines uncut ribbons and ely bows.
whilst walking the abandon barrelled lines 

into a well versed sobriety of flambé voice 

as the dog meets and greets his return on the Driveway   

to the towering rivalry of that Parisian correction facility 

To be Schooled by a debutante seasoned 

In well versed in Vegas slight.