Trails of pears, pearls &amp lions.

Let’s not play pan pipes whilst the volcano erupts Late at night  

They will have to restart the conductors count 

I’m firing up fireworks for the night  

whilst white swans fly high in flying V’s 

racing down mountains with bamboo leaves 

you don’t have to tell me twice 

with bathing monkeys That see and do 

and we leave the washing up for you.

A trail of pears pearls & lions 

the passage of time the scents that lead your

nose to a place you once knew  

to flowering lily’s in rippling pools 

rolling your dice  at which you now roar 

and dance around the fire 

with faces covered in paint and stories 

dug from fired earth scrawled across walls 

the hopping long tailed mouse drumming along 

with all your other imaginary friends singing songs.