a little bit about me


Im a man of years, with green eyes that get me in trouble and soft fair hair that has turned a light brown and grey as I have aged. Apparently i break hearts, hope they know it was unintentionally.

I became interested in writing in my early teens, one of the things that held me back was my dyslexia and any access or understanding of word processing.

like many unpublished authors i have turned to the internet for self publication it means i can be the writer, editor & publisher and now i can appease the control alt delete freak in me and have a emotional release. I hope to use these pages to showcase my terrible use of the English language, lyrics, short stories and music.

Everything you read here is taken from my hand written journals & songbook scribbles and then edited down for here, the work here is fiction and as a writer the research is always the most fascinating part of the make believe journey.

Some of these make believe worlds are dark places but are merely descriptive pieces woven around existence.

I have  always been my biggest critic. But feel to critique away with sticky notes red highlight pens on you computer screen whilst reading. add another page.


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