Abracadabra cadaver.

the spilt milk rewound on film

jumping Into it’s glass

the smashed plate rebalanced on it’s stick

the coffin raising it’s self from the ground

the hot air ballon parody 

under a sewing machine weight 

the dead flys repelled by the corpse

the rotting trees shooting tips and new life

smashed clocks ticking on stuck on twelve

the nights are long

burning embers on sodden broken boards

a untuned piano creaking at its knees

a silent little mouse hiding in the shelter

a overgrown garden where the fox gloves grew

a pulsating heart the Fluers guard the box

left over art strewn across the groundless

a pin board hanging horror 

where secrets could of been found

pictures of you found above files in offices

upturned bicycles stacked up furnaced 

old school desks lids up for attention

a whole moon fading

and dusk arriving real soon

the cadaver in the kitchen

the needles on the floor

stirred up memories

in a dirty swimming pool