Agitating soda.

As geographical references are Stripped 

of substrate and jacket by jackal 

in its naivety of youth

The dogs dug deeper six feet holes 

Of artful expression than I did.
Than a staged story of a winged man 

Now agitating for sugar free soda

The Exit to critical Recitals titled books

the citadels of Rome that once fell.
And I never saw those Spanish mountains slide

Merely saw a video of flooding valleys washing away

As children of faith are bathed in golden tented shrines.
Flights overhead as sickness presents  

Strange way to raise funds at the door 

Playing the pan pipes

With a stereo outed choral hands of 

 wax works that wanted to freeze or

rewind to a Child’s seat with a joke book 

And passing by the planetarium.
As Planets of genesis agents whom pray too edifices 

Of their own self destructive love and gated recreation

should of left the sleeping dog to lie that day
After agreeing to come to terms with myself