Alas Acorns.

the self styled cowboy turns on fractional portcullis 

Caught in red eyed light of a hook and lens 

Distractions of a fedora rations as a world finds itselfs in crisis.

as oil for automobiles ran as dry as a gin drinking culture 

encouraging the use of digitalis to refill Western sink holes.

As they grind up and recycle the long play 

to fill economic void of empty wells

Established on the differing shillings exchanged

Finding favours between wants and needs 

Of literary tins strung on silk divides of stereo in mono.

As those heartfelt cards are cut as pillbox memoirs

    Of futures being written off screen to watch 

    the contortionist rewire its own idenkit petulance Ignition

    As mach one enlightens me as to why they ever built roads

    So those that feel a hat doesnt fit can doe a deer out of this town.