Amber kudos temples.

Stiching kudos of a temple 

to a cashier of Long lost Shires 

autobahn recreation Watching 

the X And Y trials on film 

Bending light on contrast simulation screen 

As proto mosaic Reindeers work the ordinances.
As suits table resolutions and ponder

the terminus of long lost steam 

and tar that Fell too oceanic beds

As gravity demonstrates there’s no 

Escape even for those with magnetic 

Inked Propulsion.
Advancement left decades behind 

As sons and daughters are left to be a deco pin up 

now tail ending therapy of festivals pubs

of Pictish arena found amongst original sin.
Tea Aged On a deCanter referencing eyelash talk

Fabric of the printed time and a Optimistic gauge  

No tickets to languid seawater ports that fell

When last left empty

Like last ordered drinks gathering dust.
As the Falcon strips invokes questions

Of a Vocal Expression represented 

in a series of mandarin fishing lines 

To Seaweed a weather broadcast based on the Science 

of a coastal barre.
A past particle physicist with very slow peel

Of the russet ladder of Inventive pitch pipes 

of jacks forte he sours who said he was a professor.
miscalculated and loss adjusted gravity

Too a Japanese math system of intellectual 

Permissible As are orators mythical responses.
As techniques Designated prior 

Toggle a cursor repertoire since silver Thor’s

Faust cast in historic sleeves by a turnstiled green 

operation of visual explanations.
As Texan slights are enlightening

as are melting points of a glass bead

Exchanged amongst the fawning 

ventilation of a Instrumental 

Brown paper bag.