Antique drag Matisse.

Pearls worn and twirled from her beloved 

moments from falling under stage school crush 

under light with bugsy  

Antique drag trip and aren’t you glad you came 

bridging gaps to Eros Pills for travel sickness 

across traversed count roads 

To return via ostenstious teradactyl and pain

of a forgotten steam laddled governance 

Half lifes fax machine fading Vincent price

As you look closer It could of been a Matisse 

but for the artists name Fuji red scroll 

didn’t they capture that basement cage.

Are your sure that’s the canary your looking for

Mistress Laying tea across for the expectant table 

Draped in flags and flagons of Union silver to sound

A Penny spoon crosses her rouged lips for silence 

that lead a twine and pendanted hand scared

a near miss of mortuarium talks of not yet dead 

a sugar stirred malevant petal pats arrowed heads

You could try fancy dress in love 

Windows and bury the annum chrome.

but you will be able to hold back 

the once sweeten now grown 

Pick and mix memories

Lets declare the shire a cracked paving stone.