Are you lost.

Are you lost in the gains and loses Of a televised bourgh 

Of scotch taped grains and years 

out of reaching a high school year 

balls and annuals of old bourgeois twills.

I found the vampires in decline 

on a shelf read as a child 

Whilst see socks run is still a book without 

Cowboys and naritives not yet filmed

watching class rooms easel flings 

playing out something of daytime TVs .
A flame as its sea sprayed like 

a mantis with its posed prey.
Turning down history to be art critic 

Watching a grown man play a Ghost 

missing in action but only on film 

The final days of a retrospective of 

Lotus moon phased travel sickness 

Radio tuned in and out.
When crossing X’s of a valentine card

Watching you stage emotions halos

As the Hypnotist begins the rebuild  

And mindful asks are you as lost as me 

On the anchored suburbs.