Cutie art space.

As faux bear wears out the substrate 

Thinking on its feet while ruminating

Over the inches hidden eros hoarding and

those baited wires from those

that want too bite off more of the 

Tale than they could possible chew

Within the stranded minds of the jungle room.

Agave Could take root and grow blue 

Through Reclamation boards as hand print 

maps within frame a cutie art space.

as the sanguisuga takes hold of 

nervous system as its looks for Keys 

that are means to the end 

to Capture Within solder and sealed by argents 

of South American herdsman

Elevating painted moths of astrological call signs.

Couture if the caps lock and fits then Page break 

the only thing missing the red star 

eye spy scurvy vert soda 

that has been gathering dust Jackets 

and feathering listeners 

Well hidden ears within moss green.