Asymmetric poetry. 

tubes of choking false feeds 

asymmetric fields of poetry that bleed 

on the bare bones of unbalanced journalism 

they wrack off the illicit liquor before 

Presenting guilt the fermented reality.


A Reel loaded onto the curators 

arterial Veins overdubbing the blues.


The truce you made with the plague 

your pile of deluce presse defence

i can’t walk let alone talk with you 

whilst your vascular ticks  

It was lead lined and still managed 

To crawl out for a cosmopolitan 

ice cream 

The otherwise unattended victims of 

Anti climatic love 

of beach broadcasting crime and blood 

stained succulents 

punishment combing covert lectures 

of esteemed and undermined gears 

grinding the fathomed weakness 

of washed peninsula surfing 

tea Leaves a sake poured  

Is love of rubber Bombardment half

casting shadows from tree specimen’s

Reduced to Embers the grass clippings 

Created a dust bowl .