Athenia steakhouse.

They’re like moths in this part of town

Mingling with Postal voters restrained 

and constrained by steakhouse 

rules feathered by thoughts 

of athenia adventures and origins of 

Backlight pocket games.

Lobster pots calling reds on blue 

perfumes so rude they renamed 

the Douche For you 

oak in the park referencing mosaics 

Lost On the wrong side of Roman ruin.

Still irrelevant and never silent 

hooting symphony’s Manxing  

over what Could be read or heard from over the hills

as the pollsters survey the Current incumbents 

dissatisfaction with charred storage 

as ladders to the roof turnstilers.

with the best two left feet and drinking inches

And still a full twelve miles from publicity shy.

it’s a hot Summer and the apples stools 

look long and Rosie red as dapple dangles 

Upon the roped greens rotting apples 

Are you sitting comfortable.

Rave less child talking to imaginary friends 

trapped In syndrome laser synthesise 

beta blocking With martial constrainable.

Loveless dancers with glow stick remixers.

For take two for tango and no tears at the cribs door.