Au revoir avoirdupois.

au revoir avoirdupois

watching historical trailblazers 

A stripped backed and rewired for love

i haven’t walked amongst this place 

of a time rolling planet of foreplay.
late night leafing through littered nests 

built in abandoned Caddy tin and lilac 

launching up like stone whale on hills

Searching for their fins.
Sighted tunnels of light broken

by high speed trains That never came 

And black wood matched bookend.
Drag me back to the level sea

A turbulent coffee  a blue voice bruised 

Now flamed and burnt out.
learning to temper that short lived fused 

A Mistress Kept away by a trailing arms length 

tree dance and counted paces to find

A photographic moment on a unnamed hill.
Dragged back to search the level sea 

a turbulent coffee’s a voice blue bruised 

Now flamed and burnt out.
strike a blue flame burn  you out.

strike a red flame burn you out.

strike a green flame burn you out.