bamboo an ode to Siskin.

There are those in this business that think 

the movies are realistic axis turned on wheel 

Colonialism a excusable reason for their chokered anger 

An Unexpected thing to see chauffeured freemen 

eating at lobster briske and throwing their life into the sea 

Learing at bodiced Boys found tied on hooped bamboo chair

Jumping off balconies when the world was being numbed 

And Redyed rested and relaxed seemingly like stolen success 

purchased at the tabac whilst waiting for your eyes to 

Stop rolling and send away the bad weather 

For what feels Like annum service and release of edited tape 

Displaying brick makers repression in airport we

layed willow replacements that were originally weaved poppies

By a former Berlin Wall worker walks his chein to show 

And tell Castroika there a three types of personality and a pear tree

And I hope my borrowed wings may let you swim or fly.

Where you need to bee for poire brandy refill.