Bank lines of frozen film.

A snatched glimpse of her show reel 

beeping for led lighting celluloid change

The Flint house man at large in the night 

Chasing down the door steeple chasers

And the benefits of blood Mary Conversion.
To someone already plumbed into the mains 

as a dust bin divides a rule of grey tail

Retrospective of it cascading lovers 

only old London miles from town and county Lanes 

On the rubberised trail of now empty bed hopping 

Franchised holders of a moral victory.
The look of short walk for a dispenser two months late  

whilst watching roleplay call service providers 

That feed the penny drop predictive machine.
as the strollers winter in a Canary Cage 

Road closures and scribbled yellow notes

warning signs revealed late at night 

An edifice of long lectures given 

and forgotten Only Thirteen days ago. 
As I sleep through the row z premier 

awake surrounded by empty seats

So pour yourself a long pour drink 

as the choral congregation chimes and Dissects 

the curtained misdemeanours 

of being left in a empty room

As a eclipse rises above 

the white of the motorway.