Blind folded.

Blind folded and offered a ottoman chaise long 

the short of auld accusers swerving time has 

Noted the forged water wheel in the dried 

Stream with backdrop of history is yours 

To study like drystone wall ten may leap 

A lost plane into Mongolian steep climb 

In French cartoons cacoon yawned looking 

For travel companions horns now the world 

Has been seen ordering fast food from space 

having doggedly paddled out to try slippers 

putting them back on purring Kitty midget 

at the machinist for alterations as 

Eyes spot the invisible stiches of purple suede

And felt the backhand of gloves ice melters

Barium zippo fashionable wax top lip hinder 

pancotta lullabys broken glass end to end 

Shadows glinting scope of vintage point 

Supper club soda pruning clones funny 

Eyes the gentleman that turned up for 

New York funeral dressed as thirties flyers 

Heading westwards hot on the heels of 

Moorhens macnifcient flight paths