Eighties jellies. (Diary)

The lies that are sometimes told to 

Save a broken heart with cuttlefish they 

feed those words

The cedar needles that caught the light

Over exposed and finding Like minds 

With those that were shown the video

Of the Apocalypse as a child.
Those hollowed out eyes chop stick fed

jellied desired 

And strange roads to horse shoes 

As I dip my toes.
into rock pools of declining ideals 

and learn of Lear and his bright ideas

filming allied friends as their foes 

And finding Islands have limits called map lines

as Noah’s found amongst the crowd 

Dinning on Lobsters at a eatery.
As they stir in the aisle and tell me to forget

Of cerebellum scars a flickering Brought 

on by oriental alcohol And neon Shoals 

Of polythene fish under tubular lights 

as sweltering Tarmac radiates

as I leaf through the nuances of a unlocked

resuscitated mind.