Bumbling bee’s style advice.

Girls in fancy dress  

That give you style advice 

and we are all on borrowed time 

from vogue to single bigger issues 

Whilst willows weep

Lost hoots litter the car park

burning through time 

the reply when the birds call your name.

from liquor turrets 

And streets of loose grammar 

leaves of seismic shifts 

hustling hats worn by bumbling bees 

To rousing tunes of Valhalla.

Your still on the radio 

oscillating after all those slip teased years.

all these dance cards you filled each night 

but you now never write 

Maybe it was something that was never said, 

a new partner dressed to dance in macaw blue.

Dust rolled sleeves 

dancing to maths 

in swirling patterns 

whilst the leaves fall free.

And are we not lucky to be able 

Pick up Those leaves 

and have time to read and write