California rattus. 

California rattus is kept caged 

irational tethered and irate 

watching mothers love gyrate 

from manifold vertice take 

Chewing over twenty one 

tables of legs 

Of better latte than steaming 

never the operational manifest 

that is your consumer mind 

your guide to manners and matters 

so grey Would you be so kind to pinch 

Punch and pour a go fuck yourself 

Long way too fly to trash talk 

And jive the equilivent of operatic 

dime Central to the dissolution 

And my heartfelt regards go out 

To you at this time lithograph print

Dialling Credit shorn wall phone

Numeral reminder of meadow 

Marshmallow the ostriches 

stripped to creat undisclosed 

Geographical desert 

Where you can hear wing beats 

of Cocoon of this Magnitude

Breaking the surface at dawn

Having become immune 

To your repellant breathalyser.