Terminal Lounge Catalogues.

So you subscribe to ideas of learning whilst drunk

we are taught of children that feed on the roadside

And that We will never be freemen

as a catalogue is passed to find a prom dress 

As we sit back and take a cold bath.
In the Realism that a education might get 

You somewhere, like Morning Prays

for sin fore sine under bequeathed stain lifes

Whilst still learning to swim in a cloudy pool.
Foraging man in the deforested 

Searching For pews to sit through a life you can’t 

live even if you have the time to travel.

As hems of choirs and shoreline lovers 

drive on Friday.
to leave others ideas of a childhood behind

As we ride in numbered automobiles 

watch the lido queue and those that argue 

over park and ride.