Catching a liar on the rye.

Catching a liar on the rye
A long forgotten whiskey
voice recording recipes
apparently ghosts
have learnt to use the telephone

Caught in the act settling into that diecast 
Training pavlovas dogs for it’s merry little wheel
Dancing troupe that they are always recasting.
The hula-hoop and stuck doing the limbo.

The telescopic peeping tomcats
That’s me tied to a tree
P45 number art deco plates
those chains You wrapped
around a first addition prints
Where in the world was the first
Talking tree.

Public knowledge privates trivia
A dress systematically Cloned
any rooms in the dogma’s house

The ferris eye witness’s were asked was it wise to copy keys in
those burnished sands of archipelagos
Whilst the blue foots were watching overhead