Lead lines and Cats fawn.

Amber dexterous situation for crossworders

intrepid night exploration of draws and lost keys 

Imploring and pawing at the chemists desks for clues 

to redox reactions on the wall in plain and open sight 

On the warped rifleman ranges as they trial a race 

Any thoughts of turn its brass black and polished back.
Alchemists digging in open sea hoarded pits

And closed and filed name change story

Of refilled salt tins with Powder paints 

Flick a switch at the Imagery of a cursed

Grammar islands once found Amongst Titans 

and lunar Atlantic landscapes.
Cats in white coats frown At those cook 

as they gas themselves with a home treatment plan

A carnival in the Monsoon turned into firework fields

Hooker yourself a night of battery interaction outside a deco fringe 

And a summer examination of fancy dress dream.
behind electronic slammed and signed in safety doors

A teller check in or out of here like the Bayeux on tour 

to make the chequered skin of eighteenth 

Raising the flag whilst flaying of the bard.
Whilst those with novel ideas Of blame

Are often Found in forgotten childhood parlour 

Playing red bulb games with wingless wasps in jars 

licking the flowers and crawling out leifs pool.
When there’s a library full apples at the core

And cut out and keep characters that don’t really fit

as you make to blue swashbuckling shoes

to the beginnings of a tarts romance with a bolero 

As autumn tea leaves are thrown to the town.