outside of the alarmed doors 

ginger’s Immortal lines still ringing true

As Laser sights trace across the vital organs of

The dancers caught in smoke machine

The melt and soda the face laying in dirt 

The before and After of a now churning face

cherry red the look of a pagan trialing dub speed

Karma free make up designs of characters in the 

the energy efficent rising scaffolding zoo 

Flickering in the square overhead as the dawn chorus 

Broke its conciousness staring out the plane trees 

The road sign of a pineapple cake half baked 

at scandalous and timed out on the desk of bright lights

and ticketed fines payed for library stores

Solemn talks and cinematic critics longing for nights 

within the ruin as demonstration of

the power of a northern demolish team

As the poodle Pulls the toilet chain 

and towers fall down within a Pathé eye

Exhibiting its power to recall the video news

As its chooses a hairstyle of fake 

solarium of north south reinvention 

Accents  rehearsed for the keyboard button Ctrl