Clown fish campaigns.

Rejuvenated by a Clown fish choir with 

Turtles washed upon the shore of 

Antiquities Kestrels made of wire 

and elections burning pyres 

Campaigned on Greek corners 

Away from tin pot of lions 

with Tourists fawning at the cage 

Of salivating deer 

Asking For the Oil they Would 

Shave their silhouette 

Cast like straighten narrows

They now make new wave shapes 

of Cockerels combing 

Stalicmites for life And 

Juxtaposition words to use 

Slip gear shifting through the 

Rumble of intend streams 

Leading to Greek thrones 

Of ruins and tentacles 

Baked in samphire love 

Looking for the fountains 

Of youth sighted from 

Lighthouse of black and white

Transmission watching traders

Trying to sell salt baked Eggs 

too Ostriches sitting on 

the equipment with enough 

Cotton to Rivet a nest in blue

You’ve been dancing on those graves 

With worn out lovers .