Cold caller.

Teetering on the brink of Hormonal Schematic  

a cold caller of homogenised polygraph era 

Being a Grecian litter picker of third denialism 

The tape wormed becoming stuck on a rhyme 

Of midnight weaves and ecclesiastical promises.
Shouting at dogs that forget taking their 

Dexterous pleasure and can you decide 

for the four of me as fears are based on 

precoded Indio Pens names.
as Lucifer is a landing of soaring Worded diamonds

daisy chains that fall from wrists as Yorkshire 

Is a weighty acorn of buildings gating communities.
Crossing places of a list of ever increasing 

Layers encircling suspects Last seen feeding

like vowels on empty train seats looking

For missing teeth.
An Old plan of fields as animatrix sits begging 

And passes on paws as he not one for shaking.

With the stir fried questioners.